Things we think you may ask...

How does Posers Photobooth work?

Well, you pick your most favourite prop, postion yourself in front of the photobox. You will then need to tap the pad for your series of photos to be taken. Then wait mere seconds for your photo to be printed.

Will you set up outdoors or up/down stairs?

Absolutely, our booth is completely portable. As long as you have a working three pronged outlet so we have power.

Is your photobooth wheelchair accessible?

For sure! As long as your venue is, we are too.

What is the reservation policy?

We require a deposit in the amount of a third of your package price and signed contract with the remainder of your balance due 30 days before your event.

Will more/less people at our event affect the price of the rental?

Nope, but (if we can be so bold) we do recommend 1 hour per 50 guests.

How long will it take you to set-up and take down the booth?

We haven't been less than half hour yet, but won't take longer than an hour. So we shoot for somewhere in between.

Is the set-up time part of the rental period?

No way! The rental period begins when we start taking photos of the guests at the start time you indicated on the contract.

What can I expect of Posers Photobooth?

You can expect greatness. Seriously, professional and friendly service is what we do. We will send up to three attendants to your event depending on the amount of service your event will require. And, we'll probably smile while we do it.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We'll take Cash, Cheques, and email money transfers.

What if i need the photobooth longer than 4 hours?

Not a problem, we offer both operational and non-operational hours at a per hour rate.

What if I need to cancel?

You may cancel at any point. However, the deposit is non-refundable.

What if I want copies of the photos?

We offer double prints and usb sticks. Check out our add ons on the services page for details.

Can I provide my own scrapbook?

Sure! You will however have to provide all materials to create the scrapbook and you will need to add double prints to your package.

And, if it rains? And we're outside. And you have all that electrical equipment...

Calm down... no worries. We have a 10x10 foot tent available, just in case. Or, we can relocate with you. We're flexible like that.

Hey Posers, if we needed to get a hold of you, how would we do that?

Good question, we can be reached through email at "" or you can call us, if you'd prefer, at 226-377-0611 (long distance charges may apply).

So, how far are you willing to travel to get to us?

Well, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients, but we all know the price of gas isn't getting any cheaper. The short story is, we have a travel charge any distance further than 50km.

What happens if my cheque bounces?

We don't want to be a nuicance, but we need to charge $50 as a non-sufficient funds fee to cover our expenses.

Did we answer all you questions?

If not, please don't hesitate to call or email us!