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welcome to posers photobooth

We're Expanding...

Guess who's coming to Posers? MwM graphicDesign is coming to Posers! We know, we're excited, too! Ok, so chances are you don't actually know who MwM graphicDesign is, but what this means is we're now going to offer graphic design for all your printing needs!

We're hoping to host a small portfolio on here soon. Until then check out Also, to check out more go to our services page.

Unleash your inner poser...

We, here at posers, believe that everyone has an inner poser. When someone is put in front of the unjudging eye of the photobooth's lens something happens that makes them show their true colours. A few props never hurt to help amplify somebody's character.

Who are we, you ask?

We are a family owned and operated business. We not only have the full photobooth experience, we also have a talented (and experienced) graphic designer in house. We are a new business based in London, Ontario with a desire to go above and beyond for our clients' needs.

Why do I need a photobooth?

Ok, so you're having a special event. There's going to be a lot of friends and family sharing time together. Isn't that enough? Sure, you could go without our unique and fun way to capture the time shared together. But there's things you may never see. Auntie Susan shows off her inner rockstar as she poses for the camera. And Uncle Chuck trades in his biker leather for a pink boa and gets ready for his close-up. We want to help you discover these moments and capture them for you in a lasting way.